Sunday, August 22, 2010

Siri Baptism full post

Oh the Kolste family, one of my favorites. Enough said.

Jordan Senior Pictures full post

Rain, creepers and bringing the baby I'm watching on this shoot definitely made this an adventure. Mikayla helped me discover a beautiful harbor down here in happy valley, and along the way we found some old naturally I had to stop. Jordan was a blast, posing like a GQ model and up for anything, even going into the water fully clothed. (I suggested rolling up the jeans, he was too cool for that) He also laughed the entire time, which made it fun. Thanks Jordan, congrats to the graduating class of 2011!

Nikki and Elizabeth full shoot

This shoot was to celebrate these two lovelies 
they are cousins and a week apart, and just a riot together. The way they interacted reminded me of my cousins/best friends, and it was a bit bitter sweet now that they are all off on missions and married with kids but I loved it. We also "trespassed" on some gypsy ladies property, when really it was her neighbors brick wall that I've taken pictures of thousands of times. Whatever, I don't want any voodoo on me. Either way, it was a blast and sincerely from me, Happy Sweet Sixteen Nikki and Elizabeth!
:::also a special thanks to Mikayla Rich (check out HER blog here) who helped me edit this week when my computer bit the dust. I wouldn't have been able to finish these if it weren't for her!:::